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Chemical Pool Service


Our Chemical Pool Service is the most economical service that we offer and includes...


  • Empty and inspect all baskets as needed

  • Empty, inspect, repair cleaner parts, bags, etc. *no labor or extra charge*

  • Backwash filter as needed

  • Visual Inspection of all pool Equipment

  • Insuring that your pool equipment and water will be safe, sanitary, and algae free so you can swim worry free. Our trained service techs test and balance your pool every week. Yes, we provide all the chemicals! No more wasted money at the pool store on overpriced chemicals and parts.  (chlorine, salt, shock, DE, pH balancers, conditioner and more.) 

  • Chemical and parts delivery in select areas.  Call for pricing and availability. 

We can't wait to hear from you! 
Call us today and let us help you keep your pool sparkling and clean.

*Please note all quoted weekly service pricing is quoted as a 4 week month. Sometimes weather conditions and holidays may include short service to get you through until your next service date. We pride ourselves in servicing your pool on your scheduled day though, occasionally weather, maintenance or our family prevents this from happening. If we will not be able to make our scheduled visit we will give notice of reschedule by E-mail if you have provided it. If you are planning to heat your pool please give us advance notice to we can use the proper amount of chemicals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Please call or E-mail Stanley Pools one week prior if you are planning an event that might conflict with scheduled service and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

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